Quickticket is a trouble or help ticket system that was originally developed by UEN. SEDC has adopted and customized this system for use in our region. It is unique in that it handles tickets and requests from multiple districts on a single server installation. It allows for users to be in multiple groups for departments to handle their tickets, or to escalate a ticket to another specialist within the region. Quickticket has a leaderboard to show all the active, unresolved tickets. It uses smart IP addressing to know where the ticket is being submitted from and which districts web form to load. it has an advanced search and can export search results out to a .csv file for analysis and tracking.


  • Multiple Groups
  • Multiple Districts
  • Locations
  • IP Mapping to Locations for the Web Form
  • Leaderboard
  • Search Tickets with CSV Output
  • History Log
  • Notifications

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