As you move into your new school year and new Canvas courses, you may want to make a few changes to customize Canvas to make it easier to navigate and more personalized. The following videos will show you how to:

  • Change Course Code - Can't tell which class you are in from the link text on the upper left? Change it to what you want. 
  • Rename Section to Period Name - If you teach multiple periods or sections of a course, you can customize the names of each class when assigning work from something like 150867 to 4th Hour Biology. It will also show these names in the gradebook.
  • Copy Content to New Course - Move your content from a course you created last year into the new, empty courses from Aspire or PowerSchool that is syncing students and grades this year.
  • Customize the Course Color or Image on the Dashboard - personalize your class even more!


Canvas LogoSEDC is currently providing support to our school districts in an innovative use of technology.

The schools in various districts are working together to provide concurrent enrollment classes to students in the rural schools.

This space is designed to support the teachers using IVC, eReach and Canvas in their efforts to provide a enhanced learning experience to students in rural areas.

District Canvas Portals:

Protocol for Course Setup:
1.  SEDC will create and manage sub-domains for each participating districts and a domain for the charter schools.  
2.  Districts and Charter Schools will set up the course on Canvas in their own domain when the course is not shared across multiple districts/charters.  These courses will be created and will have a district teacher assigned to the course by a district/charter administrator (this should be the technology director or designee).  After a course is set up, the assigned teacher will upload the course content, assign students (until SIS integration), manage the course, etc..
3.  An SEDC assigned technology person will setup courses on Canvas and assign the district teacher to the course when it is taught across multiple districts.  After a course is set up, the assigned teacher will upload the course content, assign students (until SIS integration), manage the course, etc.. 
4.  When requesting a course on a district or regional basis, the requesting teacher will need to provide to the district Canvas administrator the following:  
      • Course title (must start with the district initials-GSD)
      • Schools involved
      • Course code
      • Timeline for course
      • Students taking course 
Please follow the following example when creating a course title:   
      • The long title would be something like, "GSD-Professional Writing"
      • The short title would be something like "ENGL 2020"
      • If there is a possibility of  multiple instructors delivering the same course with the same title, add the instructor initials to the long title as well.  For example, "GSD- Professional Writing -VR".

5.  Support question/issues need to go to the district assigned technology person first, SEDC assigned technology person second, UEN help desk third.

Please contact your Canvas Specialist below for help or more information:

  • Derek in Beaver & Millard
  • Chris in Iron & Kane
  • Clint in SEDC Charter Schools, Garfield or Washington districts

Additional help can be found here:

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