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HollingsheadSEDC has a large format printer that is capable of printing on just about any type of media. The prints can be up to 24" wide, and up to 100 feet long. We can also show you how to take an image like this and turn it into one like this. We can provide this to our schools for a fraction of the cost that it would if printed commercially.

Contact Chris or Clint if you are interested in training & learning about what you can print and how you can create images, posters and banners to publicize and promote anything in your school! You can also learn more with this presentation. We will provide you with the training, printing and support, but YOU will provide the creativity and images!

Many schools have used our poster printing service to promote reading in their schools. Take a look at the available READ-Themed poster templates. We can come to your school, take photos of your teachers with their favorite books and then turn them into high-quality posters to hang in your hallways.

If you want to get started making your own posters and banners, but are not sure about file types, sizes, and resolutions, we've included some starter template files using Photoshop. Included below are links to download the template files, along with a handy cost-estimation grid. All cost estimates are based on 100% or full ink coverage of the paper, so your actual cost may be less. (Note - these are not 'layout' templates, just empty starter files that have the required dimensions and resolutions that work best with our printer).

Take a look at our READ Poster Templates
and our NEW Sports Templates

Prices updated 10/2013

Paper Type 

Poster Templates

Heavy Glossy
Photo Paper 
Durable Vinyl
Portrait Poster
(2' x 3')
$13.20 $15.30 $29.70
Landscape Poster
(3' x 2')
$13.20 $15.30 $29.70
Small Portrait Poster
(18" x 2')
$6.60 $7.65 $14.85
Small Landscape Poster
(2' x 18")
$6.60 $7.65 $14.85
4' Banner
(2' tall)
$17.60 $20.40 $39.60
6' Banner
(2' tall)
$26.40 $30.60 $59.40
8' Banner
(2' tall)
$35.20 $40.80 $79.20
10' Banner
(2' tall)
$44.00 $51.00 $99.00

Grommets for banners are available for $0.50 each.

Don't have Photoshop? You can always use Microsoft PowerPoint to create a suitable poster in portrait or landscape layouts. If you DO use PowerPoint, please make sure that when you send us your poster, use only high-resolution photos and images (using a 6 megapixel camera or higher) and include ALL of the image and clip-art files that you used.

Football FrameNew addition to our poster offerings!
SEDC is now offering sports themes to our poster templates. Like the Read Posters, we just need a high resolution photo of your athletes and the names to insert them into the poster of your choice. 
If you have any questions, please contact Chris at SEDC


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